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Reader Car of the Year

I came across this while I was getting my daily dose of Speedhunting.  The guys at SH have posted their candidates for Reader Car of the Year Award and on that list I found Carlos (Charlie) Nissan Sentra.  I, as a local Puerto Rican car forum fan, have witnessed (from a far) the evolution of Charlie’s Sentra from being his daily driver to being his toy, project car and now full-on race car.

In this car-guys world of ours, sadly, not very often you cross paths with people as down-to-earth and as willing-to-help as this kid.  Best of luck Charlie!

Be sure to visit Speedhunters site and cast your vote for one unique, great car built with pure blood, sweat and tears…  …and while at it, visit Charlies web site, C3 Garage.




SpeedHunter’s Dino Dale Carbonare has been punishing me with his Rauh Welt Begriff posts this week.   I’m a Japanese car guy, but I’ve always liked Porsches and what could be better than a Porsche modified a la Japanese?  Nakai-san, RWB’s mastermind, is a genious at converting these great cars into the things car dreams are made of.

Nakai-san is one of the few tuners that manages to fuse functionality and looks and make them work as one, something that has become somewhat rare these days with all the Hellaflush/Stance craze…  not to mention the stupid things that we need to cope with on the streets of Puerto Rico.  Luckily, there is something called Internet, something called Speedhunters and something called Rauh-Welt Begriff.

There are lots of details on these cars that serve me as inspiration for future mods on my WRX.  Here are some of my favorite pics of Nakai-san’s creations:

Nakai-san’s own Stella Artois 930

My favorite, the Tunerhaus, formerly known as the Royal Montego Bay…  I know, what’s with the names?

Another 993, Rough Rythm…

Porsche air cooled engines…  I want!

I love those brake cooling duct intakes on this blue 964…   Hmm…

What’s not to like about the simplicity on this 964?  The roll bar…  ah the roll bar…

That’s enough Friday stuff for now, be sure to check Speedhunters’ articles on this shop, the cars and the man behind it all.

Thanks to Dino Dale Carbonare, Nori Yaro and sknoo01 for the pics.

Rough Rythm

RWB part 1

RWB part 2

Oh! and be sure to visit the RWB site!

The State of Tuning

Great article by the guys at Speedhunters.  An overview of how the tuning scene has evolved and where its going from the perspective of a few respectable experts in the subject.

Make sure you read it:  speedhunters.com

pics: SpeedHunters, Deviant Art, Mayday Garage, Driven Authority