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Reader Car of the Year

I came across this while I was getting my daily dose of Speedhunting.  The guys at SH have posted their candidates for Reader Car of the Year Award and on that list I found Carlos (Charlie) Nissan Sentra.  I, as a local Puerto Rican car forum fan, have witnessed (from a far) the evolution of Charlie’s Sentra from being his daily driver to being his toy, project car and now full-on race car.

In this car-guys world of ours, sadly, not very often you cross paths with people as down-to-earth and as willing-to-help as this kid.  Best of luck Charlie!

Be sure to visit Speedhunters site and cast your vote for one unique, great car built with pure blood, sweat and tears…  …and while at it, visit Charlies web site, C3 Garage.



SOLO Racing @ Ponce’s El Tuque Raceway >> Part 1

At last! The Ponce Track was re-opened and the engines were allowed once again to roar through it. It was a perfect sunny Sunday with just a tiny bit of rain, lots of mean machines, skilled drivers (and fast learning newbies), and that cool sea breeze…

These are just the few that I was lucky enough to capture:


For a brief moment, it all turned into a Japan vs. USA battle…