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Pursuit Automotive Apparel finally started to materialize in the summer of 2010. Interesting economic times led me, a young Landscape Architect to explore the possibilities of using two of my hobbies as tools to create. As a car guy myself, I believed that there was no available clothing that represented my interests and helped me express myself, so I began “pursuing” alternate horizons…

Have any questions or comments?  Hit us up at pursuitclothing@gmail.com or fakeshitfree@gmail.com

Pursuit Automotive Apparel finalmente comenzó a materializarse en el verano de 2010.  Momentos intrezantes en la economía me llevaron a mi, un joven Arquitecto Paisajista a explorar las posibilidades de utilizar dos de mis pasatiempos como herramientas para crear.  Como fanático de los carros, entendía que no existía una linea de ropa que representara mis intereses y me permitiera expresarme, así que comenzé a buscar nuevos horizontes…

¿Tienes alguna pregunta o comntario?  Envianos un email a pursuitclothing@gail.com o a fakeshitfree@gmail.com


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  1. skurai

    nah, well i was just browsing through my daily blogs and went through this one when i saw a picture of some solo 1 competition around ponce el tuque, and i wondered , are you from Puerto RICo/????

    November 22, 2010 at 8:48 pm

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