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Something refreshing!

I’ve been out of town (San Juan, PR) for a few weeks now and I’ve been driving a few rentals which, as usual, are far from amusing.  I had a Chevy Aveo for a week…  I never understood how anyone would exchange their hard earned money for such a piece of shit.  They are THAT bad.

I’ve had two new Jettas after that, one of them I still have.  Nice cars, well appointed, nice details, too much hard plastic inside but you gotta love that “thud” when you shut the doors closed.

Anyway, I miss my car.  I keep feeling that I’m missing something, sort of like when you leave your house without your cell phone…  So, surfing the net looking for stuff that reminded me of my ‘rex (yep, car-porn surfing…) I found this clip.  I’m all about function over form but I found it very refreshing…  Damn I need my car…


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